Nacho Andrade

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Nacho Andrade

VP, Product & Engineering
@ iDonate

People-first product leader dedicated to developing teams, vision, and strategy to create wildly successful products.

I'm always looking for good stories to tell.

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One of the quickest ways to undermine a product’s success is neglecting to invest enough attention in your product. For startups, the challenge is even greater—founders are frequently spread too thin.Bringing an experienced product leader on board can create significant impact rapidly. With my background across diverse markets—from startups to Fortune 500 companies—and technologies ranging from AI to hardware, I swiftly diagnose and address product, team, and process challenges.

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I host a podcast where I interview product & tech leaders to learn the uncommon paths to building amazing products.

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My team does all the work. I'll worry about making the podcast interesting, you focus on being you.

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nacho andrade

Who Am I?

I bring a blend of deep technical expertise and broad industry experience. My background in AI & ML, HR tech, healthcare, education, gaming, etc., helps me understand what works universally.I excel at transforming ideas into impactful products that win.My leadership style is defined by my commitment to building and nurturing dynamic teams, fostering a culture where innovation thrives and psychological safety is paramount.I believe in empowering team members to bring their full selves to work, which leads to creative solutions and groundbreaking products.

What do I Want?

My passion is inventing the future through product. I am looking for a position that will allow me to use my skills in a dynamic environment.I'm a mission-driven entrepreneur who will meet with the board and/or write user stories for the team.Born and raised in San Jose, CA I moved my family to Medford, MA in 2021. Ideally I would find something here, or remote.I am willing to consider relocation for the right opportunity.


Keith Puckett

CEO, Co-Founder

Keith Puckett
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"Working with Nacho was a blast! I personally learned so much from him, the way his talent unlocks BIG IDEAS into growth and inspiration is incredible"

Doug Politi

President, Retired

Doug Politi

"...if we didn't massively change, we were going to get crushed.""Nacho was part of my big bet, and I needed his vision and guidance."

Gary Hall

Chief Product Officer

Gary Hall

"Nacho's leadership style fosters a culture of innovation and collaboration. His visionary perspective and creative problem-solving make him a standout product leader."


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In addition to what you see here, I've founded three businesses - launched new-to-world AI products - created markets - built teams from scratch - made impossible partnerships - was one of the first game developers in the app store - set new industry standards several times - got referred by VCs - restored old motorcycles - learned to solve Rubik's cube - made it on a few global gaming leaderboards - mentored dozens - shifted markets - have a loud contagious laugh - have a grandfather that lives a block from Mark Zuckerberg - co-created four children - MBTI is ENTP - started my first business designing logos and websites for small businesses - & meditate daily


Fractional | Training

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I can be your fractional CPO, or come in and work as an IC on specific projects. I also do a lot of 1:1 mentorship & guidance.

Common Topics

  • Product Innovation

  • Product Market Fit

  • Assumption Testing

  • Influencing Markets

  • Business Cases

  • Partnership Strategies

  • Talent Assessment & Hiring

  • Team Empowerment

  • Common Data Mistakes

  • Real Insights from User Feedback


I have an out-of-the-box 5 day training that is designed to take advantage of the best practices product teams use. I can also do custom training depending on your needs.


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I've been hosting for over two years and I've learned that the best stories come from those who say they have nothing to share.Nobody wants the same, they want your story.Check out the outline here.
Then schedule 15 min.

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