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Immovable object, meet unstoppable force

Nacho Andrade

People-first product leader dedicated to developing teams, vision, and strategy to create wildly successful products.

In Boston looking for a full-time gig.While I look, I'm doing fractional work.I'm always looking for good stories to tell.

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One of the quickest ways to undermine a product’s success is neglecting to invest enough attention in your product. For startups, the challenge is even greater—founders are frequently spread too thin.Bringing an experienced product leader on board can create significant impact rapidly. With my background across diverse markets—from startups to Fortune 500 companies—and technologies ranging from AI to hardware, I swiftly diagnose and address product, team, and process challenges.

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I host a podcast where I interview product & tech leaders to learn the uncommon paths to building amazing products.

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My team does all the work. I'll worry about making the podcast interesting, you focus on being you.

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nacho andrade

Who Am I?

I bring a blend of deep technical expertise and broad industry experience. My background in AI & ML, HR tech, healthcare, education, gaming, etc., helps me understand what works universally.I excel at transforming ideas into impactful products that win.My leadership style is defined by my commitment to building and nurturing dynamic teams, fostering a culture where innovation thrives and psychological safety is paramount.I believe in empowering team members to bring their full selves to work, which leads to creative solutions and groundbreaking products.

What do I Want?

My passion is inventing the future through product. I am looking for a position that will allow me to use my skills in a dynamic environment.I'm a mission-driven entrepreneur who will meet with the board and/or write user stories for the team.Born and raised in San Jose, CA I moved my family to Medford, MA in 2021. Ideally I would find something here, or remote.I am willing to consider relocation for the right opportunity.


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"Working with Nacho was a blast! I personally learned so much from him, the way his talent unlocks BIG IDEAS into growth and inspiration is incredible"

Doug Politi

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Doug Politi

"...if we didn't massively change, we were going to get crushed.""Nacho was part of my big bet, and I needed his vision and guidance."

Gary Hall

Chief Product Officer

Gary Hall

"Nacho's leadership style fosters a culture of innovation and collaboration. His visionary perspective and creative problem-solving make him a standout product leader."


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In addition to what you see here, I've founded three businesses - launched new-to-world AI products - created markets - built teams from scratch - made impossible partnerships - was one of the first game developers in the app store - set new industry standards several times - got referred by VCs - restored old motorcycles - learned to solve Rubik's cube - made it on a few global gaming leaderboards - mentored dozens - shifted markets - have a loud contagious laugh - have a grandfather that lives a block from Mark Zuckerberg - co-created four children - MBTI is ENTP - started my first business designing logos and websites for small businesses - & meditate daily


Fractional | Training

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I can be your fractional CPO, or come in and work as an IC on specific projects. I also do a lot of 1:1 mentorship & guidance.

Common Topics

  • Product Innovation

  • Product Market Fit

  • Assumption Testing

  • Influencing Markets

  • Business Cases

  • Partnership Strategies

  • Talent Assessment & Hiring

  • Team Empowerment

  • Common Data Mistakes

  • Real Insights from User Feedback


I have an out-of-the-box 5 day training that is designed to take advantage of the best practices product teams use. I can also do custom training depending on your needs.

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Pay per hour only for the time you need.
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I will do as much as you need one 'ticket" at a time.
This is the most practical option for most.


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I've been hosting for over two years and I've learned that the best stories come from those who say they have nothing to share.Nobody wants the same stuff, they your stuff.Check out the outline here.
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inner circle - Friends and Family

June 7, 2024

Anika got her restraining order extended until 2025.
Jen plans to fight.
I'm trying to get legal help

The battle has just begun

When Anika got the initial restraining order it was granted only until today to allow Jen to be served, show up in court, and argue her side of the case. We didn't know if Jen would show up or not. We were all surprised when we heard her voice on zoom.Jen contested the need for a RO, but also did not deny Anika's statements. She did try to justify them saying that she was driven to it by me. She used her opportunity in court to try to come after me some more, and indicated that she would be in court on the 25th to fight the charges against her.She doesn't know this yet, but she has a warrant out for her arrest for violating the restraining order. If she shows up in person they will arrest her.

Legal Woe

I've connected to free legal services, and hopefully they can help out. I'm afraid with her 'unlimited' access to legal services in Switzerland she can attempt to overwhelm me.

May 31, 2024

Things are starting to look up.
Jen should be in Switzerland now.
The family is starting to feel safe.

Bald nacho

Jen is in Switzerland

Yesterday May 30, Jen reached out to me to take me up on the offer I made to her on Friday. To use my miles to get her a plane ticket home. I got her the ticket and in a few hours she made it on her flight. She made it clear that she made the call to leave because she ran out of money.In the email Jen also mentioned that I can have custody of the children, but that she does want the kids to be able to visit. She was also really clear that she expects alimony. Not sure how that will play out yet, but I intend to find out soon.Monday next week I plan to go to the courthouse to get the 'divorce packet' and begin the process.June 25 is the next date to watch for. Jen's arrest goes to the next stage where the DA goes to schedule her court date. Normally jen would have her attorney represent her, but she doesn't have one and I'm not sure she will get a public appointee if she is not here. I would be surprised if she shows up for her day in court.DCF called and is scheduled to come to the house next wednesday. Given the case the rep was not surprised about the violence, and was happy to hear she is out of the home. They will be here next week to check on the kids and connect us to services that may help.My job search hit a good spot too. I'm flying out to do final interviews week after next.Thank you to everyone who reached out to provide support. I will never forget those who helped out. Thank you. I know we aren't out of the woods yet, but it feels like the most dangerous part is over.Phew.Also, you said you wanted to see the new haircut:

Bald nacho

May 28, 2024

Anika and I just got back home from court. Anika just got her restraining order against her mom granted: docket No. 24-10-RO-207.You can also take a look at the affidavit she included.It’s been a long Memorial Day weekend.

The fuck is going on?

Memorial Day Weekend

The latest drama started when Police showed up at the house Friday Morning. I called 911 at 4:56 am to report Jen for strangling me in my bed. While I was on the phone to 911 Jen started to panic. She ran into the bedroom of Anika & her boyfriend Frank for help. She said “I just choked your father, the police are coming, please help keep them from getting me.” I was outside waiting for the police. While one officer went in to deal with Jen another officer asked me what happened on the sidewalk.I told him, it was unprovoked. She was mad at me, but she’s been very mad all week. I was in bed sleeping when she felt me stir. Without looking over and with my back turned to her in bed she started her verbal abuse. This was normal, when she is upset she will often criticize and insult me whenever I am most vulnerable. Late night and early morning seem to be some of her preferred times. She felt like I wasn’t paying attention to what she was saying so she grabbed my head by the hair to pull it toward her. Once my head was in position, she got herself on top of me and with two hands she lowered her entire body weight on my throat.I don’t know how long she was strangling me for. I remember a lot of my thoughts in the moment though. I noticed quickly that while I wasn’t able to breathe I was okay otherwise. I remembered from all the crime shows Jen watches that it takes a while for someone to suffocate to death, so I decided to sit there staring at her with muscles relaxed until she tired out. Eventually she got off me on her own. I immediately grabbed my phone and called 911. I truly believe she intended to kill me and only got off when she realized she didn’t have the physical strength to carry it out.As far as damage goes, physically my throat is swollen and sore, but otherwise I’m alright. I already had a doctor's appointment scheduled for this friday. If it’s still a problem I’ll have the doctor take a look at it.“You didn’t provoke her or do anything?” When I replied no, the officer seemed to think I was lying. He started to explain to me unless Jen admits to the attack that they wouldn’t be able to do anything. At that moment the officer inside radioed down: “She admitted it, we’re doing this.” They brought her outside and put her in handcuffs.I went inside to speak to the kids. Got showered, got my papers together and went to the courthouse.Jen was arrested and arraigned, she has a future court date to determine her guilt and was released. I filed a restraining order against Jenny asking they keep her out of the house and away from me and the kids. My restraining order was granted for 6 months. She is not allowed in the house, within 100 feet of me and not allowed to contact me in any way. She is allowed to contact the children, and she made no ruling on custody (for the restraining order - there will still be divorce to determine that).


Unfortunately she is not taking the hint. Jen feels like her actions were completely justified and that she did nothing wrong. She started barraging the kids with messages asking them if they thought it was a big deal and trying to manipulate them. If she keeps it up, we will go back to court and get the kids added back in.She especially came down on Anika, asking her to do things against me for Jen. Since Anika is an adult she was not covered by my restraining order which is why we were in court today.On Friday when they released Jen she told the kids she was going to indulge herself and invited them to come to the Hyatt Place hotel where she is staying. FWIW, the average price for a hotel here is probably about $120-150. Jen is paying ~$380 a night and in her first 3 days already racked up over 1k in charges. No idea what those are for, just saw them come through the shared checking account.She is under the impression (from a lawyer she spoke to in NH) that I certainly have secret money. Since she saw him in Jan she also accused me of having a whole second family in Lehi. Jen believes she needs to do everything possible to get an attorney to ‘take me down’. She is so unhinged she tried to take the 12k I had pulled out of my 401 (the very last money I have in the world) to pay her attorney's retainer. I only managed to move it into another scout less than 2 hours before she tried to take it. It’s possible she will still be trying to get that money. She will do ANYTHING she can to get to me. She thinks I’m a golden goose you can crack open.I always backed down from divorcing because I figured the blast damage would be too much for the kids and for the finances. With me being broke and jobless, she can only do so much. There is no going back from here.Immovable object, meet unstoppable force.

Is Everyone Okay?

Everyone seems physically safe. There are a lot of emotions. With Jen out of the house the kids are starting to connect the dots on how abusive their mom has been to me and them. Since the first night she was gone the kids started to heal. Everyone is sleeping better at night and breathing more easily. The children are excited to have her out, and are looking forward to the next chapter. Jen’s abuse was so persistent everyone was always walking on eggshells. The kids would lock themselves in their room and just try to avoid her. Now they are out, playing games, laughing, and doing chores. It’s great to see. Jen is in the city and still being very manipulative. Everyone is still on edge, but the restraining orders help a lot. All of us understand that this is just the beginning of a likely very painful journey.Since November I’ve been keen on leaving Jen. Through books, meditation, and therapy I realized I had changed myself to keep the peace and diminished most of what made me, me. Since then, Jen has been on edge more than ever and escalating because her normal control tactics were not working anymore.Small note, I shaved my head bald. Yes, my hair was thinning and I had a huge bald spot. However, now felt like the right time. Both for the separation from the trauma (her grabbing me by the hair) and to make me less recognizable to Jen in public. Not to mention, I look fantastic :P

What Happens Now?

Protect the Family

With the court orders in place and Jen out all weekend we're feeling better than ever. I have security cameras so I'll record anything if she comes by.I'm seeing an attorney on Wednesday to talk about how to make sure we stay safe while we get a divorce.DCF called me today - they are going to reopen our case and take statements from the kids. When they came out in 2022 they found the following:

  • -DCF is concerned with Jennifer's mental health and how it can be affecting her parenting such as her emotional state when disciplining or communicating with the children. Also concerned if she becomes neglectful with the children in their care such as providing food for them and sending them to school.

  • -DCF is concerned with the children's fear of their mother and how her actions have impacted their mental health.

  • -DCF is concerned with the verbal and sometimes physical abuse between Jennifer and Ignacio

They are going to schedule a time for someone to come by, talk to the kids and I, and create a plan with the resources they have.

Keep the household running

This is maybe the smallest impact to the household so far. For years Jen has barely been doing anything. In fact she was a primary cause of the mess around the house. With her gone, it's cleaner and more organized than ever.The only chores I had to pickup while she was gone was my laundry. I was already doing all the shopping, cooking, and driving kids to school and appointments.

Get a Job

I'm interviewing at two places now, and I'll keep going. Hopefully I think there is a good chance I'll find something in the next 3 months before all my money runs out.

Get a divorce!

I'm seeing an attorney on the 29th.Jen thinks she has the upper hand here, but I don't think she understand how much we have records of her abuse.You saw from the DCF report snippet that they were concerned about Jen's mental health. The case will help in custody and divorce. There is also a case in Fontana as well.Jen has been held twice on a 5150, the second time was when she attacked me in Fontana.In Switzerland Jen had a warrant out for her arrest because she was accused of neglect from the kids' school.I have 8 years of digital journal entries (with timestamps and GPS) recording the abuse over the years including photosThere are almost 90 audio recordings I have on my phone of her flipping out including her throwing things at me.Anika's affidavit will be able to be used as evidence as well as her most recent arrest. I also have letters from the kids in 2021 stating they don't feel safe around mom.I'm also guessing that her taking the money at our poorest will not look well. I sent her an email explaining how she was literally risking the roof over her kids' heads.

How can I help?

Likely I'll need money. Last time I spoke with a divorce attorney it was a 10k retainer. I expect to get a job soon, but that may take longer than I want. For example, my entire productivity from friday to today was absolutely demolished.To compensate, my days start at 4:30 and I'm hitting the pillow no earlier than 10. I think I can handle everything timewise with help from the kids, but I have no way to pay an attorney.I don't know how to get money from anyone yet (GoFundMe takes a percent I think). I'll figure it out and get back to this group. If you know you can help, please set aside what you can.We greatly appreciate all your help. 🙏🏻🖖🏻